About The Foldie®

Our Story

We believe traveling is a unique experience. It is the best way to unplug ourselves from the pushes and pulls of daily life. So why make traveling unnecessary stressful with old, heavy and worn out travel gear?

We decided to take matters into our own hands. It all started in 2021 with an idea to create a travel bag that was lightweight, yet super spacious.

After months of thinking and designing, we finally came up with the idea of a foldable travel bag. One that you could fold all the way down to a small pouch when you’re not using it, and unzip it when you’re ready to pack and travel.

We knew we had something unique!


Our first samples were ready and our family and friends loved it. We were committed to making the Foldie a worldwide success. It quickly became a success with over 30.000 sold Foldie bags in just a few months.

After collecting feedback from our customers, we decided to improve our initial concept. Fast forward a few months, we finally launched the all new and improved Foldie 2.0. We made sure every detail was right.


With the help of our truly amazing community, we will keep improving and innovating our products to have a real impact on your travel experiences.

The Foldie is ready to take on any travel adventure and will keep inspiring you to unfold new experiences.