The Foldie is the world's most versatile foldable travel bag. Its tiny yet super expandable format makes it the ideal companion for your next trip.

What makes the Foldie different? 

  • Expandable & foldable design: Instantly unfolds from a small square to a large capacity travel bag. Need even more space? Unzip the bottom compartment for 
  • Super compact & lightweight design: No more heavy lifting with traditional bulky luggage. The Foldie is super easy to carry around wherever you decide to go.
  • Airline carry-on approved: The Foldie is 100% compliant for air travel and will fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you.
  • Multiple smart pockets: Everything at hand at all times with mulptiple easy to access pockets for all your belongings.
  • Trolley passthrough sleeve: The Foldie attaches to your luggage handles ensuring a smooth walk trough the airport. 
  • Use the Foldie for any occasion: Suitable for any occasion. Travel, school, gym, maternity... You name it, the Foldie can do it!
  • Including wet pocket for wet items: Bringing back wet items from your last day at the beach? We've got you covered. 
  • Backup bag for extra's: Does having no room for extra's seem familiar? Bring along a Foldie as an extra bag and fill it up with souvenirs.